Drawings are like the "store front" of your work and should be given, at least, the same attention your architectural or engineering study. If you neglect the the drawings you give a reason for someone to underestimate the quality of your engineering study of architectural concept. This website is CAD Manual with guidelines easy to apply that give high quality engineering drawings. We call this manual CAD Standard CAD2018

CAD drawing using CAD standard
Drawing using AutoCAD. AutoCAD is a simple general use CAD software

CAD2018 is a blend of the best rules from the most common international CAD standards with the addition of the simple techincal drawing principles that are usually not addressed in the standards but are often the source of questioning about what is wrong and what is right.

CAD standard CAD20118 is simple. Using the suggestions and guidelines you will achieve clear CAD drawings, regardless of the engineering discipline (civil, mechanical, marine etc).

Reinforced concrete structural drawing of columns and beams
Concrete building - Structural drawing of concrete columns and beams

The team that developed CAD2018 comes mostly from the civil and architectural sectors. The need of unified standard rose from the different requirements from our clients. Of course, there is an international ISO standard for CAD. However often our international clients didn't have access to the standard and most usually they found it to complicate and just preferred to give us their in-company CAD standard and asked us to follow that. That created a big confusion since in every country the prevailing drawing habits are different. Thus, we decide to unite national CAD standards and best practices in a new very simple standard the CAD2018. CAD2018 is a blend of the best rules and practices used globally and produces drawing that satisfying the extreme majority of stakeholders and clients.

Please feel free to use CAD2018 and let us know of your suggestion. CAD2018 is strongly suggested for companies that are now developing their CAD-Standard and for young professionals that try to find their way in the blend of verbal, vague, in-house CAD rules at their companies