International Standards - ISO

ISO 128 is an iso standard for the general principles of presentation in technical drawings, specifically the graphical representation of objects on technical drawings.

ISO 216 defining the A and B series of paper sizes

ISO 13567 is a CAD layer standard.



NCS U.S. National CAD Standard Version. The United States National CAD Standard (NCS) streamlines and simplifies the exchange of building design and construction data from project development throughout the life of a facility.


BS 8888 is the British standard for technical product documentation, geometric product specification, geometric tolerance specification and engineering drawings. BS 8888 replaced the well known BS 308. BS 8888 is refering to many BS EN ISO standards for further details on engineering drawings standards

BS 1192 is the British Standard that establishes the methodology for managing the production, distribution and quality of construction information, including that generated by CAD systems