Every drawing (architectural, structural, mechanical etc) has a title block and the drawing area. The width of the title block is 10 cm independently of the paper size. The rest of the drawing area.

The title block includes:

  • Project information (ονομασία τους έργου, έτος, πελάτης, τοποθεσία κτλ)
  • Drawing information (τίτλος σχεδίου, κλίμακα, κωδικός αριθμός σχεδίου, revision κτλ)
  • Designers information (Μελετητή (όνομα μελετητών, στοιχεία επικοινωνίας, υπογραφές, κτλ)

Drawing Borders and Margins

All drawings require a boarder. The standard line thickness of the boarder is 0.6 mm. The top, right and bottom margin should be 10 mm and the left margin should be 20 mm. This applies for all sheet sizes (A0, A1, A2, A3, A4). Notice that the left marigns in larger to allow space for binding a drawing set..

  • Boarder lineweight: 0.60 mm
  • Top margin: 10 mm
  • Right margin: 10 mm
  • Bottom margin: 10 mm
  • Left margin: 20 mm
  • Drawing borders and marginsDrawing borders and margins